This is Joe Hartley's generic homepage. There's not a lot here except pointers to other pages where the real work's done. Follow one of the links!

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My Meade ETX telescope and accessory page

Frosty Drew Observatory - my home away from home.
Here's a couple of attempts at astrophotography taken with the new gear at FDO:
M22 - a globular cluster
M8 - the Lagoon Nebula

The Fantasy Trip mailing list archive and info page. The Fantasy Trip, or TFT for short, was a role playing game that grew out of a pair of Metagaming Microgames in the late 70's called Melee and Wizard.

Eargazm is a radio show at WRIU (90.3 FM) that I occasionally haunt.

Here's some stuff from my days at WRCT, a great college radio station in Pittsburgh.

Mike Bennett is an extremely talented artist who gave me two portraits of Frank Zappa in exchange for a small favor. I'm indebted to him for these wonderful pictures of Frank. Click the image below for a larger version.

He also did a wonderful portrait of my nephew, Chris. Again, click for a larger version.

Mike recently put up a website to showcase his work. It's at

Here's some of my feeble attempts at making music. Listen at your own peril!

Running to Stand Still - WMA - 2.8M
Running to Stand Still (Streaming MP3)
Running to Stand Still - MP3 - 1.9M
(Excellent electric guitar on the above tune provided by Mark Bodnar!)

Dancing Barefoot - WMA - 2.8M
Dancing Barefoot (Streaming MP3)
Dancing Barefoot - MP3 - 2.1MB

Don't Look Back In Anger - WMA - 2.4M
Don't Look Back In Anger (Streaming MP3)
Don't Look Back In Anger - MP3 - 1.8M