These are promos, IDs and other goodies snatched from the obscurity of a reel-to-reel tape and dumped to a computer. Now it's on the web for your enjoyment!

These bits were done while I was at WRCT, from 1979 to 1981. For the '80-'81 school year, I was Production Director. I spent a lot of time there with a razor blade in my hand and a white china marker in my teeth! (For those of you too young to remember why, it was to splice recording tape. Sigh.)

Here's the stuff. If you've got any questions, drop me a line at

MP3 file of a Count Basie promo for my man George Gee
Streaming MP3 of the Basie promo

MP3 file of the infamous Anti-Disco promo. The brain cells that held the info on who did this are stubbornly refusing to fire.
Streaming MP3 of the Anti-disco ID.

MP3 file of an ID in the style of Frank Zappa's "Central Scrutinizer" from the album _Joe's Garage_.
Streaming MP3 of the Central Scrutinizer ID. I think this was done by Alan Spero, who went on to work at VH1.

MP3 file of an ID done by Craig Chaquico of the Jefferson Starship.
Streaming MP3 of the Chaquico ID

MP3 file of the great promo done by Dale Lutes (AKA Dan Natale) for his show. Dale and Dan each had their own shows, and each had a very different personality. You're never alone when you're schizophrenic! This promo emphasized the fact that he broadcast in living color.
Streaming MP3 of the Dan Natale living color promo.

MP3 file of the "Lunch with Dan Natale" promo. A gentle reminder of the days when "spam" had only one meaning.
Streaming MP3 of the "Lunch with Dan Natale" promo.

MP3 file of the promo for the Gong Show held during the '81 Spring Carnival. A Sloppy Joe and Devereaux production.
Streaming MP3 of the Gong Show promo.

MP3 file of the first promo I ever did. I was fresh from Rhode Island and still had the accent. While good for meeting people, I lost it pretty quickly after this. The music in the background was found on a tape we were listening to trying to see if we could erase it. It turned out to be a radio play produced at some point in the past, and the overdub started as a wisecrack. It seemed like a good idea at the time!
Streaming MP3 of the "Fastest show" promo for my show.

MP3 file of the Twilight Zone promo for my show. For some reason this impression stuck in people's minds for a long time.
Streaming MP3 of the Twilight Zone promo.

MP3 file of the promo for the yearly student- written and produced musical in '81, Kije!. I hate musicals and almost left this off, but it was produced by Dan Natale. The promo was better than the show!
Streaming MP3 of the Kije promo.

MP3 file of the promo for Berkley Schroeder (AKA Alan Spero)'s radio program Nocturnal Emissions. The cool voice processing, done long before the days of digital effects, was achieved by use of a tape reverb effect and speaking through a hollow mike stand tube.
Streaming MP3 of the Nocturnal Emmisions promo.

MP3 file of the Sixty Sexes. Produced by Sloppy Joe and Devereaux (Mory Brenner and Dave Land), this was a parody of the "Sixty Seconds" spots WDVE had running at the time. The concept was simple - "WDVE gives Pittsburgh sixty seconds" in which to respond to a topical question. Dave managed to get the actual WDVE announcer to do the intro and outro, and a hundred splices later, WRCT gave Pittsburgh sixty sexes. It was sheer genius, and still makes me laugh.
Streaming MP3 of the Sixty Sexes promo.

That's it for now. If anyone has any other production nuggets from WReCT radio, please give me a yell. I'd love to put them up here.